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Intended to hide a given folder from web intruders
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MySecretFolder is a small utility intended to hide a given folder from intruders. Unlike file protection in Windows, which only works on NTFS formatted drives, this tool can effectively hide folders on a FAT32 partition as well. Moreover, its protection remains active even when the machine is started on Windows safe mode, which is a deficiency of other folder lockers.

Most of the process of configuring your secret folder is done through a wizard, which takes you through the steps of selecting a folder and setting a password. Likewise, it is possible to set some options, such as automatically locking the folder after it is closed. Unfortunately, the developer’s website does not say if any kind of encryption is used.

To conclude, MySecretFolder has the main advantage of being very easy to use. However, its drawbacks far outweigh its benefits if you compare it with other similar tools. For instance, it does not allow setting various secret folders, let alone a locked drive. In addition, it does not integrate with Windows Explorer, so you cannot use the right-click to open or lock a folder.

Pedro Castro
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  • Compatible with both NTFS and FAT32
  • Locks the folder after closing it
  • Remains active on Windows safe mode


  • Various secret folders not supported
  • Locked drive not supported
  • No integration with Windows Explorer
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